Attract, captivate and build your student numbers in just 5 minutes a day.

Take the guesswork out of social media – what, when and how to market your studio. Every studio needs a rock solid plan to attract new students and just as important keep those students! We’ll cover 3 key areas to focus your marketing efforts in the new year: Content, frequency and scheduling. The best part, we’ll map out a full year of structured marketing for you.

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Bippity Boppity Boo – Social Media Done For You!

Each and every month Marketing Calendar Club posts 25 magically engaging social posts.

Posts will include 5 engaging picture quotes, 4 Motivational Mondays, 7-10 Article shares, 3 Artist Birthdays, 3 Holidays. And, the ability to block out 1 competing studio so you stand out!

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About Our Presenters:
Morgan & Kat

Morgan & Kat

Morgan Roberts is the director of MusicalArts Academy of Dance & Music, Mountain School of Music & Dance. Morgan and his wife Katherine also founded Studio Guru Consulting, a marketing and consulting business focused on bringing stress-free results to studios.

Morgan holds a Bachelors degree from the Hartt School and Masters degree from Tufts University in music composition. He has collaborated with numerous dancers writing and performing music for the Hartford Conservatory, Hartford Ballet School, Trinity College, and inFlux Dance. Through workshops and coaching, Morgan has had the pleasure of working with Jack Canfield, Dr. Ken Nedd, Sarah Petty, John Jantsch, Steven Chandler, Les Hewitt, Sean Stevenson, and Suzanne Blake Gerety.

A 14 year veteran administrating for dance and music schools, Morgan has devoted his work to helping students, teachers and business owners achieve their highest potential.

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Katherine Roberts owns MusicalArts Academy of Music & Dance and Mountain School of Music & Dance. In 2013, Katherine and her husband Morgan founded Studio Guru Consulting. The Consulting firm works with community based organizations such as dance schools, music schools, karate schools, swim schools, and the like to help them achieve their goals in marketing, advertising and business administration.

Katherine began dancing at an early age and continued to dance recreationally throughout college. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Hartt School and a Master’s degree from Boston Conservatory in guitar performance. In addition to MusicalArts, Katherine has served on faculty at All Newton Music School, Springfield Conservatory of Music, Community Music Center of Boston and Boston University. Through workshops and coaching, Katherine has had the pleasure of working with with Jack Canfield, Dr. Ken Nedd, Sarah Petty, John Jantsch, Steven Chandler, Les Hewitt, Sam Beckford, and Sean Stevenson.

Katherine is passionate about constantly learning and improving our businesses to define, inspire, and motivate.

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