Have Clear Policies In Place

It is not possible to address any issues of drama that is beyond the normal opinions of others without clear straightforward language in all of your website and printed material.

Expect Drama

People can be unkind, petty and consider themselves entitled to certain kinds of treatment. We are always being compared to others and your ability to manage the realistic affinities among people and their perceived notions of unfairness, favoritism, and how things should be done at your studio will help you maintain your objectivity when facing any and all issues.

Keep Your Cool

Set up studio policies with your trusted staff member to avoid any overreaction to any rumors or reported incidents. Get the facts, reflect and have the necessary conversations to assess the situation. Think quietly and calmly about how you want to handle any situation or manner in which you address the issues at hand. You must be able to rise above the fray and respond in a calm and professional manner.

Damage Control

Be prepared to hold people accountable for destructive behavior. If there is a clear violation of your ethical standards that are clearly published, you have the right to expect a proper and respectful response. Gather facts as they are disclosed to you. Always track a problem on paper to verify the source of any information you receive. Be prepared to listen to your staff and customers about any aspect of their dissatisfaction or participation. Good customer service does a great deal to assuage any kind of drama as it arises. Be prepared to establish consequences for destructive actions and communicate in a professional and unemotional manner.

Stay Positive

Do not let discouragement or negativity take hold. Give a great deal of attention to creating a positive studio environment for your staff, your parents and students. Have uplifting and inspiration posts on social media. Send gratitude messages within all of your communications and requests. Always appreciate before assuming the worst. Gratitude and a positive attitude in the face of any and all drama will help you to keep from being discouraged and allow you to build a culture of respect and responsibility.

Drama Free Dance Studio: Fact or Fiction?

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