There are many ways your dance studio’s paid advertising can stand out from the crowd but writing an effective ad isn’t just a matter of compiling the information and paying a fee. There are key elements you can implement to increase the chances your advertising dollars are spent wisely. Here are 6 tips to help you create an ad that gets students through the door.

  1. Stay focused with one call to action. Simply presenting your offer or details about your studio isn’t enough to fill your classes. Without a call to action, readers will see your ad, but they’ll have no idea where to click or what to do. Get them to take action by clearly outlining the next step.
  2. Get right to the point and keep it simple. Grab attention with a headline that has impact. Come up with something that makes readers want to check out the rest of the ad such as “Free Trial Dance Class” or “Beginning Adult Ballet Class Starting” or “Have you always wanted to learn how to dance?” or “Does your child love to dance?” Keep the text of your ad concise and narrow it down to the pertinent details. You can elaborate and include more information on your landing/registration page.
  3. Communicate the benefits. What will your reader gain by clicking on your ad or taking the time to sign up for your program? Will the dancer gain poise and self-confidence? Will they build skills or improve technique? Will the camp or class increase social interactions and create friendships? Use your ad as an opportunity to highlight what makes your studio special. You can get that message across if you take the time to word things well.
  4. Think about who you’re targeting. With Facebook advertising, it’s not so much about reaching the most people as it is reaching the right people. You need to reach people who are curious about your studio and receptive to your message and that’s probably fewer people than you think. Every ad you run should target your specific location and demographic. On every ad your run, choose:

    • Your studio’s town or or zip code
    • The radius around that town
    • A demographic (gender, age, etc.). Target women since they’re usually the decision-makers when it comes to camps, classes and birthday parties.


    Pro Tip: Drill down even further! Select fans of your Facebook page. When someone likes your page, they stand a much higher chance of becoming a customer down the road.


  5. Make a statement with beautiful imagery. You only have seconds to grab the reader’s attention so choose pictures that convey your message without having to say a word! Use high quality pictures from your studio featuring happy dancers. If you are trying to fill summer dance camps, use images from prior camps that show the fun you’re creating in your studio. If you’re building your competitive program, show polished, experienced dancers with impeccable technique.
  6. Get the camera rolling. If images are great, video is excellent! For dance studio owners hoping to make an impact through Facebook ads, venturing into video is an absolute must. Visual content outperforms all other formats on Facebook and recent algorithmic updates increasingly favor video and image-based posts in users’ news feeds. Give your Facebook ads the best chance for success by experimenting with short-form video content.

Although writing a great ad doesn’t have to be a difficult process, it does take a little bit of time and planning. These 6 steps will help you construct an ad that will connect you with potential students and help you grow your business.

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