Join us for this training webinar as Jessica Michaels, Global Program Director of Wingman for Dance teaches you a formula for inspiring a more loyal and connected dance culture within your studio (including staff and parents!).

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About Our Presenter:
Jessica Michaels

Jessica Michaels

Jessica Michael’s grew up in Newtown, CT and danced professionally for 10 years from NYC to Tokyo to London to Los Angeles and back. Favorite performances include Broadway/ City Center Encores Series “One Touch of Venus”, North Carolina Theatre’s “Jesus Christ Superstar”, industrials for Sony and Champion Sportswear, TV and video appearances for Aretha Franklin and MC Hammer.

Upon retiring from performing, she became a dance studio owner in Jupiter, FL and founded/ developed JAM cosmetics in 2007, a healthier stage makeup line for dancers.

After 19 years as a dance instructor, Jessica still strives to learn and grow as a teacher. She is a certified Acrobatic Arts and Rhythm Works instructor and also travels for Rhythm Works Integrative Dance certification program as a trainer.

Always passionate about inspiring young dancers to develop life and leadership skills, she became instantly enamored with the Wingman program after meeting the founder, Ian Hockley. Wingman is a non-profit youth leadership program that develops social and emotional skills through team-bonding/trust-building activities and inspires children to be more compassionate, empathetic, courageous and inclusive young leaders.

Jessica joined the Wingman team when she adapted the program for the dance industry and launched Wingman for Dance in May 2016 as the Global Program Director.

Jessica and Ian tour as keynote speakers and seminar presenters for dance conferences and corporate events throughout the US and Canada. Jessica looks forward to dancers everywhere being inspired to go above and beyond for others!

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